word counts

I’ve written over 3000 words in the last three days, on topics as diverse as corporate blogging, crazy Swiss environmentalists in Malaysia, greed and grievances in civil war and Monday’s return to The Jetty fiction. My to-do list tells me I have another 4000 words to complete in the next week, at least. *Insert sad face here*

Unfortunately, these word counts are not very conducive to eating well. I have a theory that each 200 word paragraph necessitates anywhere between two pieces and an entire block of Cadbury Top Deck, the evidence clear in the fact my jeans are feeling awfully tight. Even more upsetting, perhaps, is that all these word counts are not very conducive to good blogging. I’m seriously lacking on the time factor and are prepping for probably a fortnight of very very late nights.

Rather than leave my little blog to fend for itself over, lonely and post-less for who knows how long, I have a couple of things I’ve written in the past to throw up. Some blog posts from my Ghana adventure, a paragraph or two from an old essay etc… nothing new but hopefully worth reading again. I’ll try and pop something up this afternoon between study breaks, so stay tuned 🙂


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