a little bit of this, a little bit of that.



Marcus Bleasdale – Photojournalist with some incredible shots from around the world. So much more informative/inspiring/eye-opening than stalking people’s photo albums on f’book!

Glenn Greenwald – He came recommended from a lecturer for the work he’s done bringing light to the torture debate in the US. The only American blog amongst my rss feeds…hmm might need to address that soon..

Inks. – I just found this today, and have no idea who the girl is, but loving her little works of art. Especially love her blog banner – I want a head full of flowers!

Scarlett Lion – Favourite Africa blog at the moment!

Steve McCurry – I can’t remember how I stumbled onto his blog, but I did, and what a life this guy has led. I loved this quote, from his very brief post ‘Becoming a Photographer‘:

I say, ‘If you want to be a photographer, first leave home.’ As Paul Theroux, a great writer and friend, further advises, “Go as far as you can. Become a stranger in a strange land. Acquire humility.”

Chictopia – Old fan of this site, then got over it, now lovin’ it again. Haven’t posted any pictures, but if I’m getting stuck trying to put an outfit together, I’ll jump on and have a skim. Of course, half the time I realise how out of fashion many of my clothes are, but who wants to follow the fashions anyhow? I just love the visual inspiration from shots like this.



I got five books for $20 at my favourite little book shop about six weeks ago. Mosquito was gorgeous and heartbreaking and slow to start but worth sticking to. Loved it. Savage Grace was a completely different story. By page five, I had read more than I ever wanted to know about an extremely wealthy American family. I don’t even want to blog about it, soooo not worth the words I could use. So I quit at page six. I’m currently part way through Longshore Drift and enjoying it. Have been a bit distracted by other books, namely text books, but I’ll get into it up again asap.  Haven’t read The King’s Last Song yet, saving it for a rainy day. And One More Time, well, it was kinda lame. I gave up a few chapters in.


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