long walks in the dark

I have the most beautiful life.

Yesterday I heard a girl speak about a project she’s just completed – 365 Grateful. Each day, she snapped a polaroid of something she was grateful for. Her photographs are gorgeous. Her delight in life has blossomed.

I love that.

I also love her blog.


I love having flowers in my room, even if they are fake ones.


I love the forest behind my house. It has taken a bit of a beating lately – huge storms that brought down many a tree, backburning that has turned everything a glorious orange. I love this shot of the old being peeled away and the new making its appearance.


I love barbed wire.


I love that it has been raining lately. I love that when I’m writing about how I love the rain, I suddenly hear pitter patters outside and a midnight shower begins.


I love this beautiful piece of music.

I was a little girl alone in my little world who dreamed of a little home for me.

I played pretend between the trees, and fed my houseguests bark and leaves, and laughed in my pretty bed of green.

I had a dream

That I could fly from the highest swing.

I had a dream.

Long walks in the dark through woods grown behind the park, I asked God who I’m supposed to be.

The stars smiled down on me, God answered in silent reverie. I said a prayer and fell asleep.

I had a dream

That I could fly from the highest tree.

I had a dream.

Now I’m old and feeling grey. I don’t know what’s left to say about this life I’m willing to leave.

I lived it full and I lived it well, there’s many tales I’ve lived to tell. I’m ready now, I’m ready now, I’m ready now to fly from the highest wing.

I had a dream.

– Priscilla Ahn


Light gives of itself freely, filling all available space. It does not seek anything in return; it asks not whether you are friend or foe. It gives of itself and is not thereby diminished.

-Michael Strassfeld



Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.

-Maori Proverb

(I love that I’m officially a Kiwi Australian and an Australian Kiwi now…I feel it’s only appropriate to throw in a Maori proverb here and there…)



I love my space. My messy messy place.


I love that my Grandma buys cool elephant trinkets and earrings.



I love my friend James for posting me an oversized Ace of Spades.

I love good old-fashioned snail mail.

I love good promises from a good God.


I love the thought that God might just use Kikki K stationary.


I love late night sessions with a sketch pad, candles, the peace of heaven and the delight in just being alive.



I love indulging in a late night blog post. I love copying manga and anime pictures. I love going to bed with a four course Italian meal in my belly. I love thinking about how amazing this past year has been. I love dreaming about all the good things this coming year will bring.



6 thoughts on “long walks in the dark

  1. Number one – great new twitter photo!!! gorgeous – what is the backdrop its against?

    Number two – love the bark photo!

    Number three – oh my GOSH i am so in love with that pricilla ahn song, I went right home and bought it off itunes yesterday and it’s playing right now!! Love love love it!!

    Another beautiful photo lovely laura:)

  2. thanks peeps!

    @sar – thankyou! im just up against a blue wall in our living room. kate just gave me a itunes voucher today and i did likewise – no more sitting on youtube for hours on end! x

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