Every second Tuesday for the past three or four years, a group of cool people come and hang at my house. We call it connect group. Some of them are more regular that others, some pop in once every now and then. Tonight there was five of us. Last fortnight there were closer to fifteen. Either way, it doesn’t matter – these cool people ALWAYS make my Tuesday night a real treasure. I especially liked the night we did our entire Bible study in accents – German, South African, Chinese, Scottish and, of course, Pirate.

Tonight we had a little chat to God and learnt a lot about child birth. More than I ever really wanted to know about childbirth really, but yet another Tuesday night where I come away so grateful for my friends and community and the commitment we’ve all made to being there for each other. It’s pretty cool.

Anyhow, I’m off to investigate what sounds like a strangled teradactyl right outside my window, and to wash my face. Here are my post-connect group thoughts, in picture form.







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