paper cut


By Delirious, performed by Jesus Culture


What can I do with my obsession?

With the things I cannot see

Is there madness in my being?

Is it wind that blows the trees?

Sometimes you’re further than the moon

Sometimes you’re closer than my skin

And you surround me like a winter fog

You’ve come and burned me with a kiss

And my heart burns for you

And my heart burns


I couldn’t get the line ‘sometimes you’re further than the moon, sometimes you’re closer than my skin‘ out of my head. I still can’t. It just explains it so perfectly. Sometimes I feel God is galaxies away, sometims I feel He is absolutely saturating me with His presence. Sometimes I feel both in a single moment. I can’t explain it. He’s indescribable. Words don’t do it justice. And I guess neither does this papercut.
But this image comes out of my heart. I’m there in His hand, always in His hand. And no matter where I find myself in life – geographically or figuratively – I can always escape to a place out of it all. Away from the busyness. Away from the stress. Away from the problems of life. And into His hand again.

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