Okay, so there is so much that could be said about the ‘Twilight’ saga. Where would one even begin? I don’t even want to enter the debate, but I saw someone else’s image of this Google search and had to see for myself.


(click on images to make them bigger!)

Crazy huh? Anyhow, I thought Google might be able to throw some light on the answers to the big questions of today’s world. Actually, before we even get to answers, perhaps Google can enlighten us on what questions people are even asking?

So, the big questions according to Google…

1. Why do men have nipples?
2. What do turtles eat?
3. Who is Chuck Norris?
4. Where is my mind? (Knowing the answer to the fourth option down might help…)

And the most serious of them all..

5. How come when I talk to girls on facebook they don’t answer me back?


2 thoughts on “woah

  1. That’s gold!

    WordPress Stats tells you how people end up veiwing the blog – today someone searched ‘why do men have nipples?’ and ended up here… haha…

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