I started this blog at the end of 2008 as a summer project – to share thoughts and musings and poems and photos. Over the last year, Laura and Friends has become a beloved form of procrastination, an irritating website that requires constant updating, a unique platform from which to share my many, usually rambling, thoughts, and a form of mild entertainment to the few who grace its pages.

I have wondered whether blogging is something I really want to continue. When the comments are only trickling in and no one is reading, it can feel futile. But alas, gathering comments and knowing that others are reading my words are not reasons enough for me to blog.

It’s getting those words out and about that really matters.

The words inside me are great and grand and articulate and wonderful. They are particularly captivating when they chronicle the conversations between the many voices in my head.

The words inside me are also painfully shy and very resistant to being dragged out onto paper. Or a computer screen, for that matter.

However, as the old saying goes, ‘Practice makes perfect‘. And when one seeks to become a better writer, keeping a blog seems like a lovely little form of practice. It’s like tending to a garden, if becoming an award winning gardener is what your heart so desires.

However I doubt pruning roses and potting parsley is even remotely as difficult as keeping a blog.


One thought on “Reflecting

  1. you have just spoken what i have been thinking of late…i like.
    by the by..i am quite a regular secret reader of your blogs..i love them. they speak truth from a heart of love…so definitely keep going!

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