My Christmas present from my parents finally arrived today. I really love it!

The necklace is sterling silver and the pendants are made from spent bullet casings. The bottom of the bullet is cut away and wrapped in gold wire. The top of the bullet is melted down and used to create the leaf pendant, inscribed with the word ‘life’.

Beauty from a bullet.

I know it’s something so small, and seemingly insignificant, but I love what this necklace represents.

The designer of the necklace is a teenage girl named Lovetta Conto. She grew up in the refugee camp in Ghana that I volunteered at, after her family fled the horrors of war in their home country, Liberia.

Though peace is returning to Liberia, the evidence of war is not hard to find. Spent bullet casings are an example – there are thousands of them littered throughout the nation.

However, as Lovetta states herself, “Even something as ugly as a bullet that was fired in a war can be made beautiful if you are willing to work to change it into something else.”

So that’s what she has done. The profits from the necklace help support Lovetta’s future, as well as other Liberian young people through the Strongheart House and Strongheart Fellowship. Check it out!


2 thoughts on “Akawelle

  1. Laura, we at Strongheart are excited and touched that you’re so appreciative of Lovetta’s work. A lot of thought, work, and love went into transforming the bullets – from the people who collected them on the ground in Liberia (either Richard or Michael, both survivors of the war) to Lovetta (who spent days in the throes of the creative process, dreaming up a beautiful transformation to get them from bullets to art) to the artisans who crafted them to Zoe & Ali at Strongheart who package each one and make sure they reach their intended destination.

    Wear it knowing that it was made lovingly and with much intention.

    All My Best,


  2. Thank you for the comment Cori! I’ve been wearing the necklace a lot – it really is gorgeous! Already a few friends have said they’d be keen to get their own 🙂 Love sharing great stories like this one with them!

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