new blogs

A big bear hug goes out to three new blogging friends.

Inside the mind of a beautiful blonde in her new blog Blonde Musings.

I love her thoughts on Love and her 2010 resolution to be a person that loves. I want that conviction too – I wanna know the power of love to change this world – so I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more from her!

Check out For All The People by Mr Mikhail Sirgoski.

I believe you’re gonna see a lot of his heart through this blog, and when his heart is so clearly after God and the things of His Kingdom, that can only be a good thing. Head over, have a read and leave a comment – he’ll be stoked!

And lastly, Jocelynese.

If you have ever met my friend Jocelyn, you’ll know she is a bundle of laughs and really authentic in how she lives life. She’s just spent a month volunteering in Rwanda and is set for a year of adventures in the land of South Africa while she studies at Bible College. I can’t wait for her to come back with a really hot South African accent – in the meantime I’ll be on the look out for more stories from her!


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