blog in review?

So I am trying to get back into the swing of things and start posting more regularly. The end of this week is chaotic, so since I’m sure my brain won’t be up to producing any new content, I thought I’d throw out a quick 2009 review of my dear little blog.

Let’s be honest, there have been some great posts, and there have been some very lame posts.  But you know what? I’m proud of both, because I’m a little bit great, a little bit lame in real life – so at least my blog is a honest reflection, right?

So here goes:

My favourite ‘find’ of the year – He is Here

The art work I’m most proud of – Paper Cut

A little bit of fiction – The Jetty

My life in images – 21 Photographs

The song that still gives me shivers – Sunday Afternoon

Most thought-provoking thought – Mission Possible

My favourite discussion – The Modlin Interview

The biggest relationship drama of the year – Tweeting and Twoting

Important knowledge for brand new uni students – Oh University

My most embarassing moment of 2009 – Oh the Shame!

And since it is the week of Jesus Culture – Jesus Culture Inspired

The book most worth reading – Review: What is the What

The post most challenging to write – Ten Years Ago

Heart-breaking news about a personal hero – Tintin – Blistering Barnacles

My favourite only DIY – DIY

And lastly…

My most favourite post ever – Beautiful


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