the art desk

One day I’d love a studio. I imagine it would partly be set up for art, with a big space to dance, and perhaps a reading nook with shelves and shelves of beautiful books. There would also be a massive desk with a leather inlay that smells like intelligence, and I would have one of those huge desk chairs and be able to rest my feet on top of my desk, arms behind my head and cigar in my mouth. Okay, maybe not the cigar, I’m not so keen on smoking…

I’ve got a vision of it in my head already – there’d be lots of natural light and one great long wall to hang things to dry, and polished timber floors with French doors. I’d love some throw pillows in gorgeous exotic prints, and at least one great rug. I’d plant beautiful flowers around the outside, or at least get someone else to plant them. Apparently plants don’t find me very nurturing.

Anyhow, that’s my studio dream. It’s a long way off. So in the meantime, I’ve made myself an ‘Art Desk’.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been blessed with a relatively good sized bedroom – I can fit my bed, bedside table, an armchair, mirror and now not one, but two desks. One is my computer and study desk. It’s little and kinda boring – perfect for distractionless study. The other is larger, white, strewn with new paints and pastels and pencils and magazine cut outs. It’s my Art Desk. It’s as close as I’ll get to a studio for now, but I love it very much already.

Here’s tonight’s work. I had an old etching thing lying around from school days, so I scribbled over it with pastels and then wiped it back. I love the mix of colours!


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