“So take it as a song or a lesson to learn

And sometime soon be better than you were

If you say you’re gonna go, then be careful

And watch how you treat every living soul”

So the decision has been made, I’m sticking with wordpress (there was some casual flirting with tumblr again). I really liked the tumblr queue function, but just realised I can kinda do similar with wordpress. Tumblr posting has a bit of a different feel – lots of little posts more regularly.

So here’s my challenge – one new post every day for a fortnight. I’d say a month, but I think that would kill me. PLUS I have two new blogging projects under way and I want to be able to throw some attention that way.

Now to tell you all about yesterday. The real highlight was being able to leave work, sit in my car on the side of the road and read my Bible until my tutoring buddy showed up, then spend an hour with my four Sudanese darlings making videos on the Mac Book. The kids sung songs and I danced in the background, until S (6yr old) turned around, exclaiming, ‘Laura! what the hell is that?

So maybe it didn’t look like dancing.


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