Mr Creativity.

“Art teaches nothing….


…except the significance of life.”


– Henry Miller




It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot at the moment. Last night we started a new art workshop at my church. It’s all about building a community of artists who come together to give time and energy to their art. Because, as you too may have noticed, there are a lot of other things / tasks / distractions / problems / issues that like to steal our time and energy.


Creativity has this funny habit of sitting timidly in the corner, never demanding our time and energy like everything else.


Just sitting. Sitting and waiting. Waiting until we get so confused – confused as we wonder why it feels like something is missing.


And then we realise! Something is missing! And we look over into the corner to that creative gift we have, however small and neglected and misunderstood it may be. And we muster up all the courage we have to walk over and say ‘Hello, how do you do? I think we once knew each other..’


And the conversation starts and sooner or later (though hopefully sooner), you realise you’ve found an old friend. And you wonder how it is you ever lived without him.



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