… I’ve been learning lessons.

Lessons such as these:

Always buy jeans one size smaller.

Say it as it is.

Always order the small Haniachi.

This physical world isn’t the only one, or the only one that matters.

Old friends are ridiculously precious.

“Your perspective says more about you than your circumstances.”  – James Macpherson

Lolly necklaces should be eaten over time – say a week, or a few days. Not a few minutes.

There will be a time in your life when you accidently get locked inside a shoe shop. It’s fate. Embrace the moment. Buy shoes.

Pacing up and down the corridor and board room and talking in short, sharp bursts, a la West Wing, makes getting through the ‘to-do’ list that little bit more exciting.

“Truth is often held in the tension of two opposites.” – Martin Steel

Everyone needs at least quarter of an hour a week for a good old fashion game of Uno.

Sometimes we need to choose to live out of a place of peace – even when life is far from peaceful.

Bic Runga makes a wonderful blogging companion, though one blog post a day is hard.

Lectures were made for skipping.

The Bible is ridiculously relevant to life.

Get it out, write it down.

Don’t believe what you’ve heard – custard IS a food group.


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