my favourite time of year

Easter is my favourite holiday.

Every second year, we drive six hours south to the beautiful little town of Uralla. There we stay with old family friends, and some more family friends who drive in from Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney.

On Friday night we always eat fish. On Saturday, all the women folk go shopping and we take a trip to this gorgeous little church in Gostwyck. On Saturday night, everyone gets dressed up for the Dinner party. Sometimes we dance rock and roll afterwards. This year we all gave little speeches. It was very special.

Sunday morning is the grand event – the Easter Egg Hunt. This year there were only a few of us hunting, so only 280 eggs were hidden. One year, there were over 400 eggs to find, and a red belly black snake almost bit one of the girls.

I love this tradition for so many reasons. Carol’s delicious cooking. Old stories from the grown ups. Fresh air and flowers. Rabbits in the garden (both real and chocolate). Bike rides in the sunshine. Crunchy autumn leaves. It’s all glorious!


2 thoughts on “my favourite time of year

  1. Wow, now see, I was under the impression that you were a part of an real Australian family, when in actual fact you are involved in some kind of performance-art retelling of a fictional New Hampshire/Kennedy/Hepburn-esque clan…

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