the power of generosity!

Tragedy hit my life a few months ago, when my trusty Dell laptop suddenly died after a very loving and committed four years of churning out essays, facebooking and other online escapades. I announced his sudden death to the world via Facebook, with no idea what was to happen next.

I checked, and double-checked my savings account. I had a bit saved up, but not enough to buy anything straight away. But what I do remember is feeling remarkably peaceful. God is my provider – not my job, or my salary, or my parents (though I’m sure they sometimes feel like it!).

A week or so later, I received a very odd call from a dear friend, Ruth. She wanted me to pop round to their place but she gave me absolutely no details on why. All she said was to bring along my student card.

I arrived at Ruth and Stephen’s house not long after. They sat my down at the dining room table. They looked at one another, deciding who got to break the news. And break news they did!

Someone from my church (who still remains anonymous to this day!) had seen my sad news on Facebook. The individual then approached Ruth and Stephen and asked if they could help him anonymously give me a brand new MacBook Pro!

Ruth and Steve helped my pick up my jaw off the floor, pushed me out the door and into their car and off we went to the Apple Mac store at Chermside.That afternoon I came home with a gorgeous silver, absolutely brand spanking new MacBook – and an overwhelmingly strong sense of God’s provision and love.

The question of everyone’s lips when I shared the news of my exciting new gift was ‘Why?’. Why would someone anonymously give me a laptop?

Though I still don’t know who the person is, I was so excited to read their version of the story earlier this week. Check it out below!


My testimony started a couple of months ago at work, where I felt I needed some breakthrough in my contract negotiations. It had been stalled for a couple of months, and I just felt that the devil was preventing it from happening.

On the way to work one day I was listening to Joyce Meyer and she said “if you want to see breakthrough then bless somebody! That’s a way that you can break the devil’s hold on your situation.”

I took that on board and just happened to be on facebook when I saw someone write that their laptop had just given up and they might need a new one.

Instantly God said “you are going to buy that person a laptop!”  My reply was “haha really! Lord that’s the airfare I need for my long planned holiday! I think I might pray about it.” God came back and said “you can pray all you want but you are still going to buy that person a laptop!”

So I took a step of faith and asked Steve and Ruth if they would help in facilitating the purchase of a laptop for that person. They did that.

A week went by and then my boss came up to me and said “We’ve approved your payrise to the sum of 6000 dollars and we’re also giving you back pay and overtime”. Wow!!

It was a humbling experience and one I would do again. I have seen God’s provision first hand now and I thank Him for it.


I love this story for so many reasons! I got blessed big time, and so did he! And once again I feel reminded of the true character of God.

Maybe you’ve heard of God as a scary judge, or full of vengeance towards those of us down on earth. Maybe you think of God as far removed from what’s happening here, that He has no interest in your life, in the little details, the day to day issues that matter to you.

This is not the God I know, or the God I have experienced. The God I know, the God of the Christian Bible – He is overwhelmingly GOOD.


4 thoughts on “the power of generosity!

  1. Ruth and Stephen told me it was a guy 🙂 It has driven me crazy not knowing who it is though!

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