I still spell out ‘Wednesday’ syllable by syllable. And I have to think twice as to whether 12pm is lunchtime, or midnight.

My second favourite hair pin. I’ve been hunting through Etsy for lovely hair pins – there are just so many! I really like these ones, and these ones. I’m a little bit inspired to maybe make my own. I even checked out Spotlight this afternoon.

Spotlight is a dangerous dangerous place to visit alone.

I trimmed the tulips yesterday. Today they were looking extra perky!

I think I stole this from Kate.

A Spotlight purchase. To be honest, I think I prefer my big ole fat stanley knife. He’s my favourite. He and I have been shredding up the paper. On Monday I made butterflies and lady beetles and tonight I’ve been crafting some cute little gift boxes. I’ll have to show you all soon!

This is my number one favourite hair clip. I actually have two of them, but I only ever wear one at a time. Otherwise I look a bit like a poodle. And that’s not cool.


Found this babe hanging out on the side of our washing machine. Foxy lady.

Me and my daddy. 1990 – I think.

Fresh flowers are the bestest.

Testing some paper cutting skillz. I think I have a now permanent shoulder injury from pressing down too hard on my stanley knife. Poor stanley knife. Poor shoulder.


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