reading . dreaming . listening . gobsmacked


I’m trying hard to get through ‘The Reason For God’, I just haven’t found the time to sit down and really get into it. But the last assignment for the semester is very close to being finished, so bring it on!

I’ve also just started ‘A Million Miles in a Thousand Years’ by the dear Donald Miller. Very excited to be reading through this one! Also loving keeping up to date with his blog – it’s great!


I have some holidays coming up (hopefully!) and I’m dreaming up a gazillion creative projects to get started. I stumbled across this AMAZING post by sfgirlbybay – a blog I’ve only recently fallen in love with. And then I saw this teepee, which she found at Smile and Wave and lifeamundo. I think they made them for their kids but I wanna make one for me!

Reminds me the tiniest bit of the cubby Kate and I made after our bedrooms were destroyed in a crazy storm (below). We stayed up late and watched lots and lots of the OC and it was simply marvellous. Bring on lazy mornings snuggled up in the tee-pee!

Okay. On reflection, our cubby wasn’t nearly as cool.


Jon Foreman’s Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn EPs. Especially loving Behind You Eyes.

If you let your feelings go, dear   /   It’s scary what you’ll find   /   I find I’m on your street, dear   /   And you’re always on my mind   /   And no one need to know   /   That you let me in tonight   /   That you let me see the world   /   Behind your eyes

I want to see us work, dear   /   To reach the other side   /   Our treachery is love, dear   /   We’re on both ends of the fight   /   We’re fighting for ourselves   /   Fighting for our lives   /   Would you let me see   /   The world behind your eyes

And no one needs to know   /   How scared we are tonight   /   Would you let me see the world   /   Behind your eyes

Also, Alexander Fairchild’s latest track ‘Water’ – head here to listen!


By these incredible papercuts I found on Etsy, by Papercutdiecut.


So my birthday is just around the corner – I would be eternally happy to receive any one of her gorgeous papercuts!


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