my generation: on AIDS

“The epidemic is also affecting young people disproportionately: 15-24 year-olds account for half of all new HIV infections worldwide; more than 6000 contract the virus every day.

This trend is especially alarming because this is the largest youth generation in history.

Today’s 15-24-year-olds have never known a world without AIDS, and have no ‘folk memory’ of the shocking early days of the ‘new’ disease.

Yet it is today’s young people who will be responsible for sustaining responses to the epidemic – they are tomorrow’s leaders, thinkers and decision-makers, and it is vital that they play an integral part in responding to the epidemic.”

UNAIDS, Pg. 15 – 2004 Report on the global AIDS epidemic

More recent figures suggest that things are getting somewhat better, though young people are still disproportionately affected. I just couldn’t get over this statistic when I first read it though.

It’s not that I don’t know about the epidemic. It’s not that I’ve never understood or looked into the issue.

It just struck me that I never thought about it specifically in relation to my generation.


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