I’m reading a book at the moment called Isaiah. I kinda started towards the end and I haven’t even looked at the beginning, which I guess is a bad way to read a book. It’s just I really like the end, and I like reading parts of it over and over again.

Isaiah is a book in the Bible actually. There’s a lot of good stuff in the Bible, though sometimes I think we forget that. Lots of the Bible is about people, and their stories and their lives, and how they make a mark on the world, or how the world makes a marks on them.

Lots of the Bible has people talking about God. It’s all very good stuff. But the reason I like the end of Isaiah so much is because it’s not people talking about God. It’s God. Talking about His people.

Listening to what He’s got to say, well, reading what He’s got to say, has been pretty cool. I can’t help but think that He’s a little crazy though. Not crazy psycho. Not crazy weird. More like, crazy-I-don’t-think-I-can-get-my-head-completely-around-you.

He’s just so mysterious. And if I take what He’s got to say as truth, I can’t help but believe that He’s crazy about us, about humanity. Like He loves us. Really really totally overwhelmingly loves us. You. Me.

It feels good to be loved, really really totally overwhelmingly loved.

It feels really good.


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