365 Days

I’ve started a new little creative project that I’m quite excited about. It’s not to replace this blog – in fact, I hope that it will encourage me to write more and squeeze more posts out each month. But rather, a little side project…

365 Days of Laura


A photograph a day, for a year, of something I’m grateful for.

I’m calling it ‘gratitudography’, as in ‘gratitude’ and ‘photography’ – clever huh?! All inspiration comes from a favourite photographer and her project 365 Grateful.

It’s funny. Already I’ve been whipping out my iPhone camera a whole lot more. Sometimes I go a little crazy and take five photos a day. Usually they aren’t all the things I’m very grateful for, just things I think would look cool on the blog, things that would look like good things or fun things or big things to be grateful for.

But I’m getting better at picking something I really truly am grateful for, and its funny how often it’s the little things, those brief moments.

The other funny thing that has already arisen is a weird little thought I keep having.

Rather than take five photos a day and choose one to post then delete the rest, I find myself keeping them, hoarding them, storing them away for a rainy day. Well, in this case, for a day when I have nothing to be grateful for.

How bad is that? That somewhere, deep down in this little heart of mine, I feel there will be a day when there isn’t anything to be grateful for. And rather than taking a snapshot on that day, I’ll have to open up my photo folder and find something from last week, or a few months earlier.

It’s like I’m expecting to run out of things. To run out of things to be grateful for.

Already this project is teaching me something. Already I realise that the lesson I need to learn might not necessarily be about gratefulness. It might, instead, be  a lesson about hope.

Every day for the rest of my life I will have something to be grateful for, something different to the day before. Do I really believe that?


2 thoughts on “365 Days

  1. Hi Laura-dora. What a great idea. I do like. Inspires me to do similiar but I’d have to post them n fb as I don’t have the same tech skills you do.

    Should start your own group, of everyone’s 365. 😀

    Love you, Aunty Susan. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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