bits and bobs

Incredible paper craft by Peter Callesen – a mix of paper cut and collage and sculpture, all in one!

The baobab tree, Tanzania. I was just thinking how cool it would be to create a bonsai Baobab when, thanks to the powers of Google, I discovered its already been done. Christmas Wishlist Item #1 – a bonsai Baobab.

– —– –

“Create a dream

and give it everything you have,

you could be surprised just how

much you are capable of achieving.

If you don’t have a dream…

borrow one!

Any, which way…

You must have a dream.”

– Sara Henderson

–  —– –

The duvet cover I saw a few years ago in Teen Vogue, fell in love with, but could never track down! Happened to stumble upon it through one of the blogs I follow – oh, dreaming up a million ways to redecorate this bedroom of mine!

– —– –

three truly terrific tumblrs I like:

heartbeats: see what I see

nuclear moon


four new(ish) blogs by friends:

Fancy Pants and The Inexorable Journey

Will Swanson (revamped)

My 365 Days

The World In Colour

– —– –

Sweet tunes by Brackenfield – music that makes ears happy, as they rightly claim.

I tweeted a link a few days ago, but perhaps you didn’t catch it. If not, this post by photographer Steve McCurry offers some incredibly gorgeous images of India, including this one, which I do believe is the most amazing photograph I have ever seen. I literally gasped when I first saw it, and God knows I spend an awful lot of time trawling photography sites, Flickr and visually inspiring blogs.

These boots are made for… star jumping.


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