ten things…

I’ve been a hopeless blogger lately, and while this isn’t really a proper post, I couldn’t let another day go by without posting at least something small!

  • I read this Wall Street Journal article on Angela Ahrendts, Burberry CEO last week – if you’re interested in fashion it’s worth checking out!
  • My new favourite blog – Team Nexus – a collection of stories, photos and ‘behind-the-scenes’ details from my church (I actually do a lot of the posting to this blog, so I guess I am more than a little biased – but I really love my church!)
  • Check out another cool ‘365 Days’ project from my friend Hayley – 365 Days of Beautiful Creations!
  • A photo of William and I in Melbourne, and then one of my favourite photos from the trip – love those pink flowers!

  • Cartolina – An iPhone app I really want, but haven’t bought because I’m yet to upgrade to the latest… software? operating system? I actually have no idea what it is I need to upgrade, all I know is I haven’t because everyone has told me not to!
  • Currently reading: Six Months in Sudan (I’ve started this a few times now, and with my man in Sudan, you’d think I’d be able to get through it, but I always end up too busy or with another book in my hands!), Notebook magazine (I doubt it’s aimed at my particular demographic but I love it!) and A Problem From Hell (wow, amazing book, will review it once I’m done!).
  • My latest iTunes buy – I fell in love with Angus and Julia all over again, and somehow this beautiful little song never found it’s way into my collection.
  • And while we are talking Angus and Julia, just stumbled across this remix that, wow, I LOVE! Check it out!
  • So I said I would do ten things, and here I am up Number Eight and I think I’m a little bit stuck..
  • Oh oh oh! I do have something to share. Here’s one of the socks (I gave her two!) that I made for my beautiful friend Steffany. They are so cute and fun and I think I need to make my own pair!


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