22 Things to Do

I am a huge list maker, so it’s no surprise that I fell in love with this idea from Elsie at ‘A Beautiful Mess’. She made a list of 27 things she wanted to do before she turned 28, and while I was a little late to the game (I made the list ages after my 22nd birthday!), I’m sure I can squeeze most of these things into the next few months!

22 things to do by 23

1. Go overseas

2. Fly an aeroplane

3. Start a new blog and post regularly

4. Watch the sunrise and the sun set in the same day

5. Go away for a weekend with girlfriends

6. Memorise a chapter of the Bible

7. Ride a horse

8. Hold a craft class for friends

9. Learn to cook something clever

10. Send 50 hand written letters or postcards

11. Sew a summer dress (and start a summer dress collection)

12. Make the most amazing care package for William

13. Work up to being able to run 5km at once

14. Read my first ever Jane Austen book

15. Visit my Grandma in NSW

16. Graduate university

17. Go vegetarian for a month

18. Do a gorgeous photo shoot with girlfriends

19. See ten ‘classic’ films I’ve never seen before

20. Finish my 365 Days Grateful project

21. Give away $500 just because

22. Donate blood



5 thoughts on “22 Things to Do

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