#5 Done

I shared my 22 Things to Do Before I Turn 23 list a few days back, and thought it only fitting that I keep you updated on my progress. I can now cross #5 – Go away for a weekend with girlfriends – off the list!

Thank you Bec for unknowingly letting me steal your photos!

One Tree – our home away from home

After a few hours of driving, multiple creek crossings, a few moments getting lost in the office carpark and the sudden surprise of a very orange petrol light, the six of us spent two nights here, catching up, eating lots of food, chatting, dancing, sleeping, chatting, chatting and chatting.


Oh and celebrating a good many things – one recent wedding and one upcoming, a year of overseas adventures, graduations, new jobs, new houses, new adventures and roughly five amazing years of friendship.

Dancing up a storm

Gossip Girl time

Love these girls!

Petrol – finally!

We’d been talking about doing something similar for years (no exaggeration!) and were so happy that it actually happened. Sometimes the special things of life take awhile to transpire, and a little bit of effort from everyone, but they are so worth it.


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