departure lounge

So it’s official – TD&H has left the building. The big airport building where the aeroplanes come and go.

He’s now on route to Sudan, while I’m on route to a serious sugar headache (I’ve eaten half a packet of peanut m&m’s to cheer myself up). It was another sad day in the Departures lounge, though all involved were much happier than our last visit. Will is only away for one last (short!) stint and I’m already counting down the days and hours and minutes until he’s back in town.

A big thank you to all our lovely friends. To all those we got to hang out with – thank you for great hangs! For those who we missed – thank you for understanding our time limit and sorry to miss you. You can hang out with just me in the meantime (I’m almost as fun, I swear) or we’ll see you in April.

And to everyone I’ll be seeing in the next few days, thank you in advance for letting me know when my mascara has run. And thank you for the hugs 🙂


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