cute things kids say

I’ve been tutoring a Sudanese family for the last couple of years and when the kids aren’t jumping off tables or throwing pencils, it really is a highlight of each week.

I thought I’d start collecting the cute things that spill from these delightful ESL students’ mouths. At the moment, Mr Four and Miss Two are just starting out in daycare, so their English is improving rapidly – but not without some hilarious mispronunciations and adorable little sentences.

Here’s a recap of the last few weeks…


Me: Who do you love? Do you love your mum? Do you love your dad?

Mr Four: I love my sister…… like a koala?


Mr Four: Do you know that Chinese people eat dogs and cats?

Me: Would you ever eat a dog or a cat?

Mr Four: *Pulls disgusted face* NEVER!….. I’d only eat a cat.


Me: What noise does a chicken make?

Miss Two: *flaps her arms* Broooooom, Broooom, Brooooom!


Miss Eleven: Bye Laura!

Mr Six: Bye Laura!

Miss Two: *blows a kiss*

Mr Four: ……… bye…. pineapple!



first random comment of the night..

Mr Four: *eyes wide and clearly still concerned about last week’s convo* Laura! The Chinese will eat your whole body!


Mr Four: *explaining what happens if your house gets flooded* And then the water comes, and then you climb on your roof, and then you go up and up and then BATMAN gets you!


Mr Four: *irritated with his older siblings and incapable tutors* Gee, are you dumb, people!?!



Mr Six: Are you in love?

Me: Do you think I am?

Mr Four: *Pulls face* Oooooooooooooooh yuck! No!



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