Freelance Chef

The vegetable peeler and I got very well acquainted the other night and turned four large potatoes into a bowl of peelings. After hours of peeling, I added cheese, olive oil, thyme, salt and pepper and made my first attempt at Potato Rosti. And it turned out pretty well!

Served with a pork chop, snow peas, rosemary and apple sauce.

I was hoping that this could count towards Number Eleven on my 22 Things to Do list, but mixing a handful of ingredients together and putting them in the oven probably doesn’t count as particularly ‘clever’. If only I had said ‘Learn to cook something that requires perseverance and a very sharp vegetable peeler‘..


One thought on “Freelance Chef

  1. Oooohh that looks so so good! it’d also go great with something really stylish like bbq sauce… mmmm bbq sauce!

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