bady leetles

I took my camera out on an afternoon stroll the other day and was amazed to see hundreds of lady beetles. They were everywhere, scurrying backwards and forwards and suddenly flying off if the camera got too close.

I needed to get out of the house, take in the fresh air, and open my eyes to everything happening around me. I was in a little forest patch near my house, and at first glance, all seemed quiet. But after sitting still to snap some photos, it’s like the entire place came alive with bugs and birds and breezes. It was really beautiful. I am learning to take time to pause, to stop and take it all in.

I heard a girl share a great thought at a church meeting a few weeks back. She was talking about the ‘punctuation of life’ – the pauses and stops that are just as necessary for our souls as commas and full stops are to sentences.

We all need to take moments in our day, our week, our lives, to pause. Pause and rest, pause and reflect, pause and reorganise.

I am so grateful for this ‘pause’ I am in the midst of. I can feel my creativity flowing, not just drip, drip, dripping. I am well rested. I am taking stock. I have time to do things that are important, not just urgent. I am relaxed. I am getting itchy feet again. I am dreaming big.


One thought on “bady leetles

  1. LOVE this post!!! The punctuation of life – great metaphor:) SO important.

    Oooh, so happy to got to relish this pause, and so excited about your new season!!

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