Last Day of Unemployment

Unemployment has been treating me very well.  In fact, I was going to do a blog post today on all the fun things I’ve been able to do. I’ll need to save that for another time, because today I got a job!

To celebrate, Kate, Mum and I scooted over to The Deli, Newfarm, for a late lunch. This place is seriously yum, and I just about died when I saw the cheese cabinet. I’ve eaten a chunk of brie for breakfast everyday this week – I really love my cheese.

I’m just over three weeks into my vegetarian month, so I ordered a baby spinach, bocconcini and marinated chilli risotto ball with the rocket, green bean and walnut salad, minus the proscuitto. Picking it out was more than a little demoralising, but only seven meatless days left.

I wore my new re-styled skirt and after eating, we made a little visit to Thousand Island Dressing and the local book store. That’s mum with Kate’s favourite childhood book. Kate had it memorised at age two and I thought she was a child genius.

Speaking of Kate… On the way home, Mum did a little furniture shopping. Kate and I reverted to our childish ways and ran amok in Freedom. I should clarify that Kate is attempting to waltz with the coat stand, not pole dance. However, I can’t offer much more of an explanation for the last shot.

I love lamp.


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