# 17 done!

Going vegetarian for a month was FUN… for the first few days. About a week into it, I came down with a mega headache and slept most of Sunday afternoon. I’m still blaming it on the meat withdrawals.

Donna Hay’s Mushroom Pasta

After a couple of accidental lapses into carnivorism – ‘what?! you mean these meat balls have meat in them??’ – I pushed through the meat cravings and embraced my vegetarian side.

Scramlette – when you can’t make up your mind if you you’re making an omlette or scrambled eggs

I decided to go vegetarian for a month because I LOVE vegetables. I really do. And as much as I also love meat, I wanted to turn my attention to the vegetables and hopefully get a little creative – in the kitchen, and while ordering out.

Butter Chickpea (the vegetarian cousin of the better-known butter chicken)

One thing I realised is that most restaurants have a vegetarian option – but it’s not really an option if it’s the only vegetarian meal on the menu! Another thing I realised is there are some really delicious vegetarian recipes that don’t need meat to make the meal rock!

Potato rosti

I’ll be honest though, and say the whole month was a real challenge and not something I will jump into again anytime soon. But it was a good exercise in commitment to a goal… something I will definitely be needing for the next item on my list – work up to running 5km at once.

Wish me luck!


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