four steps to a perfect proposal

So here’s how it went down…

Step One

Take your girlfriend on a seemingly ‘spur of the moment’ drive through the country side. Find the most perfect little corner of Cedar Creek. Pull out a picnic rug and lots of cheese. Look so very handsome as you lie on the picnic rug.

Step Two

Roll up your jeans and jump from rock-to-rock. Find the biggest one and call your girlfriend over. Hold her close and start telling her how special she is to you, and how you’d like to spend the rest of your life having adventures with her.

Step Three

Hold her hand. Take a hop, skip and a jump back to the picnic rug. Get down on one knee and pull out the most beautiful diamond ring. And brace yourself. Many hugs and kisses are coming your way.

Step Four

Spend the next few hours high on love and sunshine. Take lots of photos – you’ll want to remember these moments. Give her the background details as to where you hid the ring. Your girlfriend fiancé is nosy. And very impressed.

Wait until the sun has all but set, then pack up your picnic gear and go tell the world.

You are getting married.


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