23 Things to Do

Today I’m sharing my new birthday list. I did my first birthday list, 22 Things to Do Before I Turn 23, last year and it inspired me to do more things then I would have sans-list. I posted a little 22 in Review on W+L just before I hit 23, and spent the week leading up to my birthday working on my new 23 Things to Do list. I love feeling inspired!

Given my birthday was over 5 months ago, I guess I’m a little late in sharing, but I was working hard at getting Number 1 swiped off the list, so I hope all is forgiven!

1. Get married to William Swanson
2. Go overseas
3. Make something beautiful for our new home
4. Turn my 365 Days of Laura project into a keepsake
5. Watch the sunrise and the sun set in the same day
6. Ride a horse
7. Take on a 30-Day creative project
8. Throw a dinner party for close friends
9. Send 30 hand written letters or postcards
10. Go surfing for the first time
11. Cook a friend a batch of (cute) cupcakes
12. Read 20 books I haven’t read before
13. Revamp my Laura and Friends blog
14. Work up to being able to run 5km at once
15. Take a road trip with someone I love
16. Go rollerblading
17. Do a fun project to record our first week or month or year of marriage
18. Have a little garden and keep it alive
19. Have a (small) pet and keep it alive
20. Find / buy / steal a gorgeous patchwork quilt
21. Take some friends on a picnic at Noosa Heads
22. Go sailing
23. Be the best wife I can be


4 thoughts on “23 Things to Do

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