Cooo cooo ca-choo, Mrs Robinson!

After a magical day at my favourite place in the world, Lake Tekapo, where it snowed (!!!), we jumped in our rental car and made our way down to the lovely Queenstown. We were almost there when the sweetest little town popped up in front of us. And by town, I mean a handful of gorgeous little shops, my favourite being Mrs Robinson!

The shop was brimming with a beautiful selection of home wares and gorgeous vintage fabrics. I easily picked out a handful of things I would have loved to snatch up and bring back to Smurf Haus with me, but oh I was wonderfully restrained. The bags above are maroon hessian with vintage doilies and have given me plenty of ideas of what I can do with the 30m hessian table runners from our wedding!

And these light shades below were so delightful. I think they’d be perfect in a child’s bedroom or playroom – I love all the colours and textures, the mismatched fabrics and the pom poms. Mrs Robinson had a lovely collection for little ones – beautiful bedding and bunting, gorgeous outfits and cushions.

Will said I should pick something out to buy, but it is becoming increasingly obvious that I have the uncanny ability to fall in love with the most expensive thing in a shop. Ooops. So instead I left with my husband’s hand in mine and his camera full of beautiful photos, which is more than enough for me.

Here’s to you, Mrs Robinson, thank you for sharing your lovely little shop with us.


One thought on “Cooo cooo ca-choo, Mrs Robinson!

  1. I’ve finally decided I should stop being a silent peruser of this gorgeous blog of yours and become an active commenter. First of all cooo coooo! This little place looks absolutely to.die.for. And second of all, since I have practically read almost every one of your blog posts to date.. thank you for keeping me up to date with the wonderful world of cousin laura. can’t wait to be reading more! with love

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