#Three of #TwentyThreeMake something beautiful for our new home.

Not only does our lovely little Smurf Haus have an abundance of picture frame hooks, our living room also has a beautiful high picture rail. So much hanging space – it really is an arty renter’s dream. So what to hang?

Will and I have made a promise to only hang art or photos we’ve created or taken ourselves. I love colour (you’d have to, to live in this blue house of ours!) and wanted something to brighten up our dining room. So off to Ikea to get a frame, to Bunnings to get paint swatches and to my crafts box for some sticky tape. Easy!

The big challenge was choosing where all the colours should go. It’s a great exercise in colour theory though, and not nearly as messy as painting.

Once I decided on the layout, I used sticky tape to secure each swatch. I could have cut off the names I guess, but I like them too much. Inca Trail. Iced Cupcake. Splice of Life. Who names paints and how can I get me that job?

The finished product. So very cheap and so very easy.

Next up, I’m thinking something else for the dining room inspired by this, this and this, a big doggy silhouette for the lounge room (perhaps like him or her) and some handy clipboards for the office.


4 thoughts on “#Three

  1. Absolutely love this, Laura. I have been down at Bunnings in the paint department about 4 or 5 times over the last few weeks and I always walk over to the colour wall and pick out a colour just because I love it. You really are a creative lady!

  2. Gorgeous Laura. Really love this idea. What a way to enjoy all those gorgeous colours at once. I have to go very eclectic to cater to my taste for them, so this is a neat way to do it without the clutter! Well done.

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