Do you Pinterest?

Pinterest is my current favourite. Do you use it?

Describing itself as a ‘virtual pinboard’, Pinterest lets you save all the beautiful images you find online in one spot. You add a ‘Pin It’ button to your browser, and whenever you find something you’d like to find again, hit ‘Pin It’ and it’s pinned!

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

You can create different pinboards for different projects or events. I created a Wedding Hair board when planning the wedding and it made choosing my final hairstyle such a breeze. I’ve also been ‘pinning’ ideas For the Home, Quotables and inspiration for Events. You could have a Recipe board, or one for Gifts, Fashion, Travel Destinations or just about anything.

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

Will used the quote above in his wedding speech – I’m on the look out for a beautiful print of it for our home. And below, I did a big search of ‘Houses with blue walls’ when we signed the lease on Smurf Haus – I was a little worried the blue would overwhelm us, but it’s so lovely!

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

This artwork below was inspiration for this.

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

Words that make me want to be brave.

The BEST thing about Pinterest, in my opinion, is that it automatically collects the source data from each image. No more trying to remember where you saw something from. And what’s more, you can follow friends, follow strangers, and search for just about anything.

Head over to Pinterest to request an invitation or I think I can invite you myself if you’d like – just let me know!


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