cupcake toppers

We aren’t big cake people, so right from the word go we decided we wouldn’t have a wedding cake. I suggested a cake of cheese, which Will thought was funny, but then he surprised me with for the engagement party. Mmmm cheese… I was a happy girl.

But back to the wedding cake… I thought a cupcake each might be a sweet treat at the wedding (in case we needed any extra sugar!). I saw hundreds of cake toppers on wedding blogs, but it wasn’t until I saw a pair of little lego people that I knew what we should have.

I painted Lego Man Will to match real man groom, right down to the blue tie and yellow Billy Button button hole. As for Lego Woman Laura, I had no idea how to make a lego wedding dress, until I found a semi-dried up bottle of pearly fabric paint that was sticky enough to stick together (and to lego lady), but dried out enough to be moulded into a rough replica of my dress. Oh and the bouquet is a peachy earring I had sitting in my jewelry box.

As for hair, well I had no idea how to replicate my wedding hair on a teeny tiny lego person – so bare heads it was!

And now for the hilarious kicker, we completely forgot about the cupcakes at the wedding reception, despite the fact they were sitting right in front of us! Ooops 🙂 I hope someone got to nibble on them when everything was packed up!


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