Getting something special in the mail + printing out lovely photos are two of my favourite things, so last week when a package of printed photos arrived at Australia Post for me, well, it was a good day.

A few weeks ago I stumbled across Printstagram and ordered a set of mini prints. Last Friday they arrived!

Printstagram connects to your Instagram feed and let’s you print out your favourite photos. The Mini Prints set includes 48 photos (or less if you want doubles) – $12 to print and $12 to ship. They are business card size and the card feels really nice in your hand. I think they’re wonderful.

I mainly use Camera+ for iPhone photos these days, so I went through some old photos and instagrammed them before I jumped online. I’d love to do a set of these with photos from our wedding or honeymoon – it’s really lovely to have something tangible to hold in your hand or stick in your diary.

I first saw printed Instas on A Beautiful Mess, and when PostalPix starts shipping to Australia, I want to get some 4″x4″ squares printed. Apparently you can also print to magnets – using sites such as Pinhole Press or StickyGram (who offers free shipping!). And have you heard of Stitchagram? Instas onto cushion covers – they’d make a very special gift.

Free your photos, I say. An iPhone gallery is no place for these special moments to stay.


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