+ art inspired +

Here’s my latest little artwork – a collection of Printstagrams! If you missed it, here’s more details on how I printed them.

I used my white Kikki K pinboard, but was hesitant to pin the photos on in case I want to use them differently down the track. Will suggested double-sided sticky tape, which we don’t have, so I tried the old one-sided-sticky-tape-folded-over-on-itself trick and it seemed to work.

If we owned dear Smurf Haus and I had permission to go wild with blu-tack, I may have stuck them straight to the wall like Elsie did. The blue makes for such a lively background.

I had 48 photos but a 6 x 7 arrangement worked best on the board, so I chose six of my favourites to put in our kitchen.

A lone esky on the beach. The day Will got back from Sudan. Flowers in West End. My photographer husband. Wedding decorations. The view from Ohau House.

Now to print off some wedding photos to display….


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