24 Before 25

Without further ado, I present my third annual birthday list…IMG_6062

  1. Learn Swahili
  2. Start a ‘quote collection’
  3. Wear my hair in pretty hairstyles
  4. Keep a tidy work and personal inbox
  5. Make a 2012 Year Book for our little family
  6. Buy our second world globe to start a collection
  7. Organise a ‘Week of Surprises’ for my husband
  8. Hold five picnics in five spectacular locations
  9. Have real flowers in our home, always
  10. Send 52 tidbits of snail mail
  11. Read my Bible everyday
  12. Memorize a poem
  13. Wear perfume everyday
  14. Make a big deal out of birthdays
  15. Keep a One Sentence Journal for 30 days
  16. Design some pretty skirts and get one made
  17. Start an ‘Article Club’ with friends back home
  18. Turn my 365 Days of Laura project into a keepsake
  19. Commit wholeheartedly to getting enough sleep
  20. Give away some moolah to a good cause
  21. Start serving at our new church
  22. Always have painted toenails
  23. Go camping with Will
  24. Read 52 books

(you can find the first and second on the blog too!)

Not all of them are particularly grand or noble items, but they are all things I know will make me happy, though not necessarily at the time. For example, I’ve already started learning Swahili, and language learning really isn’t my forte. I find it frustrating, and brain-frazzling. But knowing Swahili, and being able to have a cute little conversation with some little girls asking if Will was my husband, and did I like him very much, and to have the entire conversation in Swahili – that makes me happy!

As every good list writer knows, there is great joy in writing a list, working through a list and checking things as I go – so here’s to 24 little efforts in happiness for the year ahead!


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