glitter safari

When I saw gold glitter and a packet of plastic safari animals within a few metres of each other at our local supermarket, I snapped them up straight away. Art supplies are a bit hit and miss here in Nairobi, so if I see something I like it’s best to buy in then and there – it could be months until it’s in the store again! And I knew exactly what I should do with these cheap new treasures…

IMG_6666 IMG_6667 IMG_6668 IMG_6670 IMG_6671 There are lots of DIY instructions on Pinterest and the like. With my basic supplies, I found I got the best result when I painted the animals in gold nail polish, let them dry, smeared a layer of glue across the animal and then sprinkled glitter on them (with non-sticky fingers). When I rolled the animal in glitter, things tended to get clumpy or the glitter stuck to each other in the bowl, rather than sticking to the animal!

IMG_6674 IMG_6676 IMG_6677We hosted our first Kenyan dinner party on Saturday, in belated celebration of the Christmas we missed. Sparkly safari animals seemed like the perfect mix of Christmas and Kenya, no? A long procession of creatures weaved through our table centrepiece and looked especially pretty by candlelight!


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