laura swanson’s theory of online happiness

And the theory is this..

Using the internet only makes me happy if I am contributing, creating or connecting more than I am consuming.”

Profound, yes? 🙂

The internet can be an endless rabbit warren of social media and new sites and funny videos and intriguing links and before long you realise you’ve spent the last hour completely wasting time. A sneakily addictive slippery little slippery slope.

But! The internet is also a wonderful platform to share your voice, inspire real-life creativity (what’s the point of pinning a cool idea if you never use it in the real world?) and stay connected – especially when your favourites are halfway around the world!

Eat more than you move and you tend to get heavier. Mindlessly click more than you contribute / create / connect and you tend to get weighed down, too.


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