#14 – Make a big deal out of birthdays

I’ve already decided I’d like to stick to this even after my year is over. Making a big deal out of birthdays has been fun for the birthday kids, but surprisingly even more fun for me. I get such a happiness kick out of it.

The underlying principle has been to do just that bit extra than I normally would to celebrate someone on their special day – buy a gift if I’d normally just send a text, make an effort when it’d be easy and understandable to let the day pass, throw a party when they least expect it.

When a friend in Nairobi organised a surprise birthday dinner for his wife, we not only made an effort to be there, but also brought along a small gift.

IMG_6122When our German friends invited us to Hot Pot as a combined birthday / farewell party, we brought a packet of party hats to get us into the party spirit.

When a dear girlfriend turned 24 back in Australia, I didn’t just rely on an email or fb message, which would be the easiest route to follow when living 1000s of kilometres away. I waited until the latest book by one of our favourite authors was released, ordered it on Amazon and had it sent over.

When my sister’s birthday rolled round, I sent beautiful Blossom and Twine flowers AND created a fb album of photos highlighting my favourite things about her.


2And when we realised we’d be missing the 30th birthday of an Aussie friend who has been visiting us here, we organised a surprise birthday party with a bunch of guys, feeding them ribs and birthday cake and singing happy birthday. I actually didn’t hang around for all of that because the conversation of eight guys quickly turned to rugby and UFC groin injuries, and I just didn’t have anything to contribute.

Doing just that little bit more really hasn’t cost me much extra, and yet I get such a good feeling spoiling people on their birthday and I think it really makes people feel special.


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