Making my 365 Days of Laura book

I have a bad habit of excitedly starting a project, but then I get frustrated with it, or forget it, or get distracted (look, something shiny!) and my poor little project never gets finished.365-grateful-book

Like my 365 Days book. I’m pretty sure I started working on it about eight months ago. I patiently downloaded all my photos from my 365 Days of Laura project. I researched various types of photo book software, deciding on Blurb, and downloaded BookSmart on my Mac. I took a few quiet evenings to upload all my photos into the software and started playing with the layout. And then… I got frustrated. And gave up. And then I forgot I even started.

365-grateful-book1I came back to it a few months ago and my frustration returned. I kept changing my mind on how I wanted it to look, and re-editing 365 photos various times was driving me crazy. And then I found this great quote…

Done is better than perfect.

I think that should be my life motto, because perfectionism is a nasty little fella that kicks me around far too often.

So I got stuck back into it, figured out a layout I liked and stuck it through. Plus Will sent me a discount coupon he received via his email, and the prospect of 25% off helped me finally kick it over.

365-grateful-book2365-grateful-book3Of course, I doubt Blurb delivers to Kenya and I don’t have a lot of faith in the postal system here anyway, so I got the book delivered to my folks and won’t get a chance to hold it in my hands for a good few months. But hey. It’s done!

I can officially cross #18 off my birthday list.


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