25 before 26

Here’s my next birthday list – 25 Things To To Before I Turn 26. And since I’m posting this a little late, as I seem to do every year, also a running commentary on where I’m at now…

1. Land a new job
2. Host a monthly dinner party
3. Add $ to our savings account
4. Have an adventure in the Maasai Mara – I’ve now been twice since my birthday, once in celebration of Will’s 30th and again just a few weeks ago when his folks were in town.
giraffe-mara5. Put together a little cocktail bar for our home – we had some wine, and limoncello and a blue bottle of gin, but somehow they’ve disappeared?
6. Make a 2013 yearbook and 2010-2011 yearbook
7. Decide which Masters course I’d like to do (and where!) – given our future plans, I think I’m set on a ‘by distance’ course…
8. Keep my ‘One Line A Day’ journal for a full year – I’ve been writing in it everyday!

one-line-a-day9. Buy the third globe for our globe collection
10. Start writing and get published – somewhere, anywhere!
11. Climb Ngong Hills
12.Practice yoga – loving my Africa Yoga Project class and practicing at least three or four times a week, surprising myself!
13. Learn more Swahili
14. Spend a day the beach – I hit the beach back home but not for a whole day. I see a trip to the coast in my future.

beach15. Bake a cake from the Australian Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake BookFirst step, buy the Australian Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book. Check!
16. Read seven books of African literature – Read my first Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Purple Hibiscus, and really enjoyed it.
17. Cross off the next big destination on our travel list
18. Buy six pieces of art and start my art collection – Bought one, given one, getting there slowly!

art-collection19. Adopt a bunny rabbit, or a puppy. Or both – hmmmmm….
20. Do a ‘Colour Me Katie’ rock project
21. Nurture a little pot plant garden
22. Go camping with Will in Kenya
23. Create a framed photo wall – Who knew photo frames were so pricey in Kenya??
24. Recreate the Bonello room – Done!
25. Get rid of 30 things – I got rid of a lot of things when I was back home, all the old clothes I’d packed last year, telling myself I’d wear again. Nope. I feel better the less stuff I own.


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