ballet love

I’m starting ballet classes again on Friday. After wanting to get back to the barre forever, I finally signed up yesterday. Why is it so hard sometimes to start something you really want to do? I seemed to keep putting it off again and again. But now I have a ten class card and I’m a little excited.


Speaking of ballet, have you seen this gorgeous maternity shoot of ballerina Mary Helen Bowers? I don’t even know where one finds a maternity leotard, and I’m under no illusion that anyone but a prima ballerina should look like this while growing a tiny human inside. But she’s just gorgeous, hey.

If you’re as much of a ballet fan as I am, you have to see city.ballet, a fascinating 12-part online documentary from inside the New York City Ballet. Each episode is 5-6 minutes long so it’s the perfect afternoon procrastination.

P.S. – If you’d like to take ballet in Brisbane, returning as an adult or starting out as a first timer, I always enjoyed the classes here.


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