l.i.f.e. bags

I want to share some lovely bits and pieces I’ve picked up while living in Kenya. At first glance, the markets seem full of kitsch and chaos – colours I’d never wear, styles that just aren’t me. But I’ve quickly come to discover a number of beautiful brands that are right up my alley and certainly worth sharing.

So first up – l.i.f.e bags, by CTC International. The bags are made from local fabric, by local women, to support local causes – children with disabilities, conservation etc.


I have a naughty habit of buying someone a gift and then deciding to keep it for myself. In this case, I bought this quirky canvas tote for my sister and did actually send it off (I promise it’s on it’s way Kate!), but quickly returned to Banana Box to get one for myself.


The straps are strong, the stitching is solid and I really love the blue geometric elephant. I’m a few weeks into daily French classes in town and it’s been the perfect book bag!


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