the week that’s been

What are you grateful for from this past week?


I’m grateful for early mornings pottering around at my rather messy desk, Tuesday afternoon when Will got home early from work and a casual mid-week dinner with some wonderful friends. I’m also grateful that the sun came out every single day! And here’s a few fun and fascinating things I’ve found this past week…

How to blow dry your hair.

What is your love language?

A beautiful reflection on a mid-faith crisis-of-church.

This is a fantastic novel.

How to share your work, for those who hate self promotion (such a good read for any creative!)

On the top of my wish list…

Fascinating! A village designed for people with dementia.

Tips for beginning ballet, again.

Five things Christians (or anyone) should know about depression and anxiety.

Umm, nutella milk?!

W + L blog: Our 2013 Year in Review

“No thanks mum, I’m black toast intolerant.” Hilarity, from the mouths of little people.

And Nairobi friends: where to get the  most amazing salted caramel gelato.


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