birthday list update


I’m scribbling all over my birthday list as I slowly tick things off. Item 8 is to keep my One Line a Day journal for a full year. I was doing so well until I took it away with us on a beach trip in January. We arrived home from the coast and a few days later I realised I couldn’t find my journal anywhere. We don’t have many belongings here, so it makes losing something in the house rather hard. Slowly, sadly, I realised I must have misplaced it during our travels. We contacted the resort we stayed at. We called the taxi driver who took us to the airport and the guy that brought us home. We asked around with friends who were there. We turned the house upside down again. But alas, my precious little diary was gone.

I cried. Three times actually. I’ve moved house three times in the last two years and with all the packing and unpacking I’m slowly getting less attached to many possessions. But this diary, golly I was sad to lose it. I had almost captured a year of little memories and I was so attached to the idea of one day having five years of memories in this sweet blue book. So much happened in the past year and I can see so many big life things happening in the next four (travels, moves, career, babies??!). It was a sad day.

So of course, you can imagine my delight when I received an email from a stranger who had found my diary on a flight and wanted to ensure it got back to me. It took a few weeks but now it’s safely back in my hands and I’ve been scribbling in entries for the last six weeks. I’m so happy it found it’s way home.

I love the One Line a Day diary because it’s pretty (blue with gold trim, and a peach ribbon!), it’s got just enough space for a small memory each day and it’s such a special keepsake. For the right person, it makes a really wonderful gift.


2 thoughts on “birthday list update

  1. That’s wonderful u got it back. Did u see Sarah Somerville’s post about her African painting, that was returned after 3 1/2 years, from Africa. Amazing!

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