ma & grandy

Last year I sent 52 postcards as part of my 24 Before 25 birthday list. I love snail mail and even when I’m only ever expecting bills, I still get a little thrill of anticipation before checking the post box. So I’m a big fan of the cards from Ma and Grandy, a boutique home wares and paper goods company from the lovely Natala.


I got a Type Set of cards last year and I loved handing out pretty cards to my friends. Now I only got three left and I don’t want to use them because they are doubling as art on my desk! But now you can also buy Ma and Grandy prints, like this one below. I have the card version of this one but need to get myself the real print.babyworkofart-printmag1

And this one, for the good looking chap in my life.You're-A-Good-Looking-Chap-MAG

A set or two is the perfect addition to your stationery collection but it’s also makes such a lovely gift. I remember reading somewhere that giving a pack of thank you cards is a great gift for newlyweds or new parents, who mostly likely need and want to send out cards but probably haven’t had a chance to actually get organised.


One thought on “ma & grandy

  1. Laura. You are the sweetest. Thank you for your lovely write up and for sharing Ma and Grandy! Long live snail mail! I just checked out your 24 before 25 idea 🙂 Brilliant. I might have to do this too! Hope you are well lovely and keep up blogging – I love reading your posts. xox

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